Ab-Soul – Abstract Asshole

Not enough people know about Ab-Soul. He released the most underrated project of the year in Long Term Mentality– it is truly great. That is why I composed this compilation tape. I took some of (what I think are) Solo’s best songs from his two tapes before LTM and mixed them together. Hopefully some people will listen to this and recognize Top Dawg’s Under Dawg, then feel more inclined to spend 8 bucks on his most recent project. Read more for the track list and download link.

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Ab-Soul – Rapper Shit (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

A 6 minute rapping extravaganza from Solo & K-Dot. These dudes go in for ab-soul-utely no reason, considering this track was left off of Long Term Mentality. But I am not complaining, and neither should you.

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Ab-Soul – Long Term Mentality

This is the best project that I have heard all year. I don’t know how many entire projects I have listened to, but this is easily the best. Mr. Solo is not very well known. In fact, he is probably the least well known member of rap group Black Hippy. However, this album/mixtape/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is awesome. He is an incredible rapper, and this is the best music I have heard out of him. I am also sure it is going to only get better from here, which is exciting. Do yourself, and this “broke and almost famous” rapper, a favor by spending six bucks on the project. Features include Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and Murs. Production comes from Sounwave and Tae Beast, as well as others. Read more for the track list and the iTunes link.

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Ab-Soul – Nothin New [Video]

Solo drops a reflective video, shot in front of a church, with a haunting string-orchestrated beat behind his eccentric flow. His new mixtape, Long Term Mentality, arrives on April 5th.

Ab-Soul – Moscato (feat. Kendrick Lamar) (prod. by Tae Beast)

1/2 of rap group Black Hippy, two artists from Top Dawg Entertainment, and two future greats collaborate for Soul’s upcoming project Long Term Mentality. Tae Beast is also one of the best producers out right now, his beats are seriously always nice. TDE is gonna make an imprint on hip-hop history, and that is the truth.

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