Better Late Than Never: Nasty Otis [Video]

Don’t know why I never got around to posting these videos, but they sure as fuck both deserve to be posted. I love the Nas video, because it’s just so cool that he went back to Queensbridge to shoot it. And the Jay & Ye video is dope for obvious reasons………. Aziz Ansari is in it, and they took a Maybach and turned it into a roller coaster car (yeah, I just made that up). Hip-Hop is great!

Kendrick Lamar – Rigamortis [Video]

This video was shot in my hometown of NYC around the time that I interviewed him this summer. Do you hear the flow? Not to sound cliché or anything, but………. that shit cray. Don’t ask for your favorite rapper. He dead.

Reallionaire Jream – Out of Sight

Finally dude is droppin something! I guess he has been busy making music or touring or something, but I’m glad he had time to let this one go. His words on it:

What’s life if you don’t connect the pieces? This combination of “tableau meets on-the-go” translates my recent weeks’ emotional/spiritual/physical experiences in Europe. Extending my stay so far away from home [#Vegas] has made me realize for the 1st time I’ve REALLY stepped outside of myself to see the bigger picture. At the height of a bad case of homesickness I had a vivid flashback of my grandfather (The Late, Great Bishop AJ Thompson) saying to me as a kid, “Sometimes…you’ve gotta go far far away to find yourself…”

Download “Out of Sight”

Drake – Headlines [Video]

There aren’t words to explain how excited I am from Drizzy’s new album. I haven’t listened to his new songs that much in order to prevent overplaying them, but basically everything I’ve heard has been nice. This song is no exception, and the visual takes it to a whole nother level. Holy shit. To quote ItsTheReal, “Some rappers drop the top off their cars; Drake took the top off the SkyDome.” Take Care. October 24th.

Jay Rock – M.O.N.E.Y. (feat. J. Black) (prod. by Terrace Martin) [Video]

One of my favorite songs off of Rock’s recently released Follow Me Home gets an AMAZING visual. Holy shit. This video is seriously awesome. Jay Rock was the first artist out of Top Dawg Ent. to really get recognition, but he is actually the most slept on. So many people fail to recognize how ill he is. This song is a perfect example of his talent, as he spits knowledge with a lyrical theme that is not too difficult to recognize. And his album is great. Some songs are forgettable, but some songs are incredible- for real. Read more for some other dope videos of songs from the project.
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Catch Up: Omar Aura – 1,000 Palm Trees (feat. Fashawn)

This is last song that really epitomizes my summer. Such a great beat, some nice rhymes from The Auradon, and a killer verse from Fash, like always. Really makes me feel like I live in Cali… oh wait. HA!

Other Summer Songs:

“Thinking About Forever” – Bridget Kelly
“Only Wanna Give It To You (feat. J. Cole)” – Elle Varner

Denzil Porter – Kanye West [Video]

This song was inspired by the stereotype of a “New York asshole”, which is completely untrue… RIGHT?!?!?! Haha… the song is actually pretty dope, and the video is hilarious. Check it out, cause if you don’t then you might just be an asshole.