Better Late Than Never: Nasty Otis [Video]

Don’t know why I never got around to posting these videos, but they sure as fuck both deserve to be posted. I love the Nas video, because it’s just so cool that he went back to Queensbridge to shoot it. And the Jay & Ye video is dope for obvious reasons………. Aziz Ansari is in it, and they took a Maybach and turned it into a roller coaster car (yeah, I just made that up). Hip-Hop is great!

ScHoolboy Q – There He Go [prod. by Sounwave]

Q! Q! Q! Another dope joint off of Habits N Contradictions, to be released soon. You know Wave always comes with bangers. TDE is taking over.

Kendrick Lamar – Rigamortis [Video]

This video was shot in my hometown of NYC around the time that I interviewed him this summer. Do you hear the flow? Not to sound cliché or anything, but………. that shit cray. Don’t ask for your favorite rapper. He dead.

Ab-Soul – Abstract Asshole

Not enough people know about Ab-Soul. He released the most underrated project of the year in Long Term Mentality– it is truly great. That is why I composed this compilation tape. I took some of (what I think are) Solo’s best songs from his two tapes before LTM and mixed them together. Hopefully some people will listen to this and recognize Top Dawg’s Under Dawg, then feel more inclined to spend 8 bucks on his most recent project. Read more for the track list and download link.

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Mac Miller – Come Up Show Freestyle

Who said Mac Miller couldn’t rap?!? WELL YOU WERE WRONG. It’s clear that this is a mix of pre-written and off-the-top raps, but either way it sounds good. Seriously, who could listen to this and say the kid has no skill and/or potential? A hater could. SMH.

Reallionaire Jream – Out of Sight

Finally dude is droppin something! I guess he has been busy making music or touring or something, but I’m glad he had time to let this one go. His words on it:

What’s life if you don’t connect the pieces? This combination of “tableau meets on-the-go” translates my recent weeks’ emotional/spiritual/physical experiences in Europe. Extending my stay so far away from home [#Vegas] has made me realize for the 1st time I’ve REALLY stepped outside of myself to see the bigger picture. At the height of a bad case of homesickness I had a vivid flashback of my grandfather (The Late, Great Bishop AJ Thompson) saying to me as a kid, “Sometimes…you’ve gotta go far far away to find yourself…”

Download “Out of Sight”

A.Dd+ – Insomniac Dreaming (prod. by Black Milk)

The duo out of Dallas drops another nice joint, and this time its produced by D-Town legend Black Milk. Where did these guys come from?!? Lets just hope they keep ’em comin.


A.Dd+ – “Can’t Come Down”