To The People

To the people who view my blog regularly, or at all, thank you very much for your support. I appreciate you more than anything, especially because most of you are people that are close to me. However, my blogging that occurs for this site will be pretty limited for the coming months because of the awesome opportunity that I was given to intern/blog for Complex Magazine. Rather than posting music here, I will be posting music regularly for the Complex blog. Whether or not you care about me blogging for them, you should check out their website and magazine, because both are awesome. Anyway, I will blog every once in a while for In The Headphones, but here are some links to the Complex sites that you might find interesting:

Complex website:
Complex blog posts:
Complex MUSIC blog posts:
Complex blog posts by ME:

Thank you again to those that have been reading/viewing In The Headphones. I am very proud of this site that I created several months ago, and I will continue to post music on it every so often (and more than that in the future).

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