Wiz Khalifa – The Race

This is the best song I’ve heard off the Rolling Papers (Wiz’s album that drops tomorrow, which you can pre-order now and buy then). This might actually be the best song I’ve ever heard from him. The man himself stated that this was his favorite joint off the record.

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Big K.R.I.T. – Return Of 4eva

KRIT drops his long awaited project to follow up his notable KRIT Wuz Here album/mixtape/whatever. It’s dope how he is so multi-faceted. Aspiring hip-hop artists: take notice! Dude can sing, rap, and produce- all very well. Hard work receives the greatest rewards. Swag helps also, haha. But seriously, he is doing is own thing excellently. You can’t really compare what he is doing to anyone else. The only other rapper/producer on his level right now is J. Cole. So as you can guess, I seriously advise you to download. Features come from David Banner, Chamillionaire, Ludacris, and Bun B.

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Focus… – Idols & Role Models (feat. Kida)

One of the best up and coming producers grabs the mic with Kida over a soulful self-made beat. The two rap about what idols and role models, along with the media, mean to society and people. If you are going to play this song, make sure you actually listen to what they’re saying, rather than just hearing it.


John West – Lovely (feat. Pusha T) (prod. by Christian Rich)

It is really nice to hear Pusha rap about something not drug-dealing-related. He’s got skills, so I like to hear him switch up the subject matter every once in a while (if not more often). This song is actually really beautiful, too. Never heard of John West, but hopefully we’ll hear more like this.

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Catch Up: Drake – Faded (feat. Nickelus F)

Only half of this song was on Drizzy’s 2007 mixtape Comeback Season. The full thing has Nick’s verse on it. I’m not sure why they stopped collaborating. They created some good material together- this probably being the best of it. Drake flow on this = Big K.R.I.T.’s flow on “Moon & Stars“. I don’t exactly know why, but both sound cool.

Faded (feat. Nickelus F): Listen & Download

J. Cole – Killers

This is joint off a promotional mixtape for artist Alex Haldi‘s NYC exhibition in May. Cole never surprises us with his lyrical skill. Here he tells the story of a young man engulfed in crime.

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Catch Up: Sir Michael Rocks – Bat Phone/SEGMD Preview

Up top is a dope preview, dropped in November of last year, to Mikey’s upcoming album Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe. In the clip is part of an awesome song off the album called “Bat Phone” that was released in July 2010, which you can DL below. Shout out to my girl Martu for the discovery.

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